"The Song is always in the room, if you listen for it... sometimes you just have to let the song kind of find itself." -Jeffrey Steele

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    You’ll learn from one of Nashville's top songwriters, Jeffrey Steele. All courses, training, and mentoring sessions are directed by him with the same energy he brings to the writing room

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    Get immediate access to hours of songwriting courses, professional industry interviews, past group mentoring sessions, and a thriving songwriting community.

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    Our Community of songwriters and artists have become a family which inspire each other towards artistic goals through creative collaboration, guidance, and support.

Why the Jeffrey Steele Academy?

Multi-award-winning, Hall of Fame Songwriter, Jeffrey Steele, has shared his wisdom and guidance at songwriting workshops and conventions around the country for many years. Steele has been a part of guiding and developing the careers of numerous hit songwriters. The Jeffrey Steele Academy brings his 35+ years of industry experience to a new generation of writers. Throughout the membership community and courses Steele shares his ups and downs, his hard lessons and his greatest victories, and breaks down the process behind his greatest hits. He leans on his friends and industry experts in one-on-one mastermind interviews and brings you behind the scenes to see what it is like to live and work day-to-day as a songwriter. Our goal is to give you the best information on songwriting in an easily digestible format and most importantly we want you to be able to take this information with you wherever you go! Hit songwriting is beyond craft, it is a way of life.

Jeffrey Steele Fun Facts

  • OVER 85 TOP 10, 5, 2, AND #1 SONGS COMBINED

  • OVER 65 million AIRPLAYS


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